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From the reason most people use Tinder to the worst first date story in history — it turns out it isn’t just a jungle out there, it’s a total nightmare.

The endless dinners, flirtations and mixed messages have always frustrated singletons looking for love, but 2017 ushered in a whole new world of horrors that make finding your other half seem even more torturous.

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Presenting this week’s hate-read, courtesy of the New York Post: “Why I won’t date hot women anymore.” The story begins by a courageous 40-year-old man with a “muscular build and a head full of hair” explaining why he’s sworn off the model-like ladies he used to court in favor of a brunette who, while beautiful, is a lowly 5 feet, 2 inches and therefore cannot walk the runway.

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If your new partner went from doting to controlling so fast it gave you whiplash, you might have been “love bombed.” The seductive tactic is especially prevalent in people with narcissistic qualities who use “love bombing” as a way to control another person.

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